Random France trip

iPad in France

As it was my birthday, I was In France for the weekend. I decided to take the iPad with me to see if it was useful when abroad.

Firstly li found that at the airport it was a great way to kill time. As my flight was delayed I was in the airport for around 3 hours. The iPad battery is great, so I spent most of my time playing games etc. as e wifi cost money I could only use it free for thirty minutes, nevertheless there were many things I could do on the iPad.

I found myself revising, using notes that I had made, and pictures that I had taken. The snapshot tool is great. I went on the persons e text and while reading chapters took snapshots of then. Tis allowed me to access the book when offline.

During the day I didn’t use the iPad much, but it helped plan routes around France. While visiting the tourist destinations I found myself keeping the iPad close as I didn’t feel it was safe in the hotel (my hotel was pretty bad)

Carrying it around wasn’t a problem, and I even used it to take a few pictures on the Eiffel tower.

The downside of the iPad however is that in France it s very difficult to watch movies online. I normally stream them through Citrix receiver, but it wasn’t working. I tried watching bbc i player, and it doesn’t work in France. Finally I tried downloading a movie from iTunes, this also didn’t work, as it took all nit to download.

Now, at the end of the trip I am sat in the airport writing this. France is an amazing place to visit, most of you have probably been there, but I now understand why it’s the largest tourist destination in the world. Pretty cool!

Recent impression on my tablet.

—-Motorola XOOM 2—-

Although I have to say there was less passion for me to open it during lecture before because of the limited screen and incovenient on/off button design, on the other hand, it is easy to take out. Then i still realize the meaning of this pilot project,that is, try to make full use of the tablet and expore its merit as much as I can. Since last meeting, i found everyone is using more fantastic apps on study than me, i need to go back to my little poor tablet which might be suffering from a little bit ignorance by me. Perhaps I kept using Android on my smartphone while studying too much before, more convenient as i think , but I am now trying to take advantage of the tablet all the time. The exemplified units for study are course revision and case study preparation , which make me feel extremely cool sometimes so that i can get rid of paper based documents . I am keen on using the tablet to read e-books, in particular when i am in the library i dont have to go computer cluster and just bring it with me thus i can check portal every time , i also dont have to go some seats beside power socket caz it really has an fantastic advantage that can keep alive for several hours. Anyway, reading e-books, convenient operation interface and  google map are the functions i appreciate most. 

To be honest, however, I still need time to get use to writing everything in an electronic way, but it for sure will be fine. I ve own the apps which are required recently and i will try to use it more efficiently, especially during the lecture.

A Good thing is i rely on the tablet more than i expected before and i have got a rising attitude toward it.


second week – still exciting

Even though I must admit that it is getting less exciting, it is still very much entertaining and helping me throughout my day in the university.

I`ve started to enjoy more and more reading on this ipad. Especially during my revision session for a module of my masters degree, I was basically just using my tablet to read the necessary content from the ebook. In the first week of using the ipad I was complaining about the missing function to make notes and follow the slides simultaneously. But thanks to a fellow student of my course who advised me this app, during the last week I have started to intensively use a app called “goodreader” to read pdf documents and an make notes on it as well. It is very easy to use and allows me to abandon the use of paper to write down my notes. I can easily open for instance the pdf document for the current lecture, follow the slides and make notes. Therefore I would highly recommend it everyone who wants to make notes during lectures on an ipad.

However, the ipad is still a very entertaining as well as productive and the more I get used to it, the less I am using my laptop. Maybe it is not giving me the same excitement to use it like in the first week but in terms of reading articles, watching videos, writing emails or simply playing games I find this device very useful. Especially the batterie life allows me to use the ipad for at least two days without charging it.

Another strong feature of using the ipad, is the icloud function which basically synchronizes all my notes, pictures, mails, etc on every of my apple devices. This has maybe less to do with the ipad but I thought its worth mentioning it just in case someone is worried about how to transfer his or her notes from the ipad to other devices.

Overall, I am still very much enjoying the ipad and will try to increasingly use it to find out where I can identify crucial limitations which of course I will mention in my following blog post.

First impression of taking notes on IPad

Although i used Ipad for long time, i never try to use it to take note because that it would disperse my concentration in class. This experience definetely impressed me so much.

At first, when i downloaded the electronic lecture note, i try to use keynote (Apple’s PPT app) taking notes and use record app to record Adam’s speaking. I met some problems: 1. there is no particular tools for taking note within keynote, except the “presentor’s note”; this note, however, is already done by Adam. So that i cannot do it seperately, unless continue this note. 2. when i am typing, i cannot see the slides in the same time. 3. the record app works separately, it seems not very helpfu for taking note.

Suffering from these problems, it seems to trouble me even i use other tools instead. like that i try to convert PPT into PDF and use goodreader instead to annotate, however, it is still not very qucik and convenient for fast annotating. Finally, i give up these apps and seek alternatives. Fortunately, i got a solution.

Here,  i recommend all of us to use the new app–PaperPort Notes, which previously called Noterize. This special app combines note take, document annotate and audio record together. when i first saw a trail video on YouTube, i felt it is grearful. freestlye writing on lecture slide (able to annotate PDF, PPT version, DOC is unavailable), different styles of pens (such as pecil and highligher in different colors) and record anytime any part when you think it is essential.

In a short, this app have solved most problem that we talked in the meeting , i recommend all of us to have a try on this incredible app, BTW, this is free on Appstore.

a little bit thinking

Actually, I have been using ipad for half a year, with a motive of improving my English. I chose it here because I could connect to the free wifi all over the campus or even some areas around campus, really pretty convenient for me. Basically, I usually watch BBC  with ipad, the bigger size of screen tends to be more adorable compared with Android tablet and smart phones.

Till now, I have not taken any notes with ipad because I did not know how to make it before, and that was a problem puzzling me all the time. But, since last tablet meeting, I have already got the relevant applications which enable me to make it possible. Personally, I prefer to use tablet to reserve my study materials and make notes, especially, I can get back my data through the itunes even some technical or physical problems come up.

Next week, I gonna use it in classes~cannot wait~~~

Update #2

I still have noticed a good amount of productivity increase…however i am growing less reliant on the ipad in terms of work, and starting to not use it as often now. Though, it seems that it is still quite useful for essay writing.


I am basically just formatting my paper on the ipad, and its proving very helpful.


all of the mandatory apps are quite useful, definitely help in the lecture. However, I don’t like to engage with my ipad as it takes away from the lecture. easy to lose focus. Agree with David on this one.


I plan to use the remainder of the gift voucher on Audiobooks, it is very convenient to have and listen to a book anywhere if anyone enjoys a good audiobook.


The Guardian’s top 50 Android apps & Chrome to Phone (Android)

If you are trialling an Android tablet the Guardian has recently published its list of the 50 best apps for the platform. There is a bit of everything in it but many could be classified as productivity-enhancing apps. Check the list for yourself here and why not subscribe to their apps blog which reviews some of the newest and best apps on both iPads and android tablets?

Also worth downloading on Android is Chrome to Phone – recently updated, it allows you to send the content of your Chrome browser on your laptop to your android phone’s or tablet’s browser.  One app that I miss (an maybe the one I miss most) on the iPad. Watch the demo here


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