Day 1,2 and the week’s highlights on the iPad2

The first day highlighted some major issues with the iPad. Although this technology looks and performs beautifully, is it practical when trying to concentrate on already difficult lectures? My thoughts so far suggest that it has done nothing but distract me. But then again, I am usually the same with all new technology. Maybe once the excitement dies down I will use it for more than games and music.

It might just be me, but I would love there to be a pen with the iPad. I downloaded an app that allows me to make notes, but it is difficult to use with my finger. If I could annotate lecture notes from the vle this would work.

The iPad has helped me with understanding certain topics. I was in a seminar on Tuesday, and I was searching the Internet for answers while joining in with group discussions. The speed at which I can locate information gave me an advantage when trying to understand the topic.

The second day with the iPad was much better. I have synced it with my iTunes, and have had time to get over its ‘shiny new exterior’. Today I have actually used it for practical reasons. It has been in my bag all day, and has only left when I need to for research, to lookup timetables or have a cheeky stalk on Facebook.

Practically it helps. It doesn’t seem like a necessity, rather an educational luxury that aids learning. Once you grasp the technology it makes life easier, however it’s difficult to pick up all the little tricks as there are soo many. Maybe by next week I will be a pro.

My only concern is that the iPad seems delicate. When it’s in my bag I am scared to knock it or even scratch it. I am contemplating getting a more protective cover.

Week 1- at the end of this week my opinion has changed greatly. Firstly I have bought a sock for the iPad, and this looks cool and protects it. Secondly I am becoming better at using the iPad, and therefore it has become more practical.

In uni I am using it to take notes, and at training I am using it to record videos for analysis. The iPad has a great video editing tool, which allows you to cut videos down to size very quickly. I haven’t yet used the iPad for music, but bbc I player is a regular app that I use.

Week one summary would therefore be – iPad so far so good!

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