First Impressions using the iPad2

As a person who knows relatively little about techology, I have found the iPad 2 surprisingly easy to use. Within a week I have downloaded a multitude of applications which have been both interesting and useful to my studies. For example, the ‘iTunes U’ app enables you to download podcasts and videos of lectures from universities around the world. Many universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, have their own pages featuring collections of lectures and information from various schools. Perhaps this could be something for the Leeds University Business School to consider as it seems to make learning material increasingly accessible.

Other applications which I have come to rely on include news apps, for example Bloomberg and Zite (a bespoke newspaper). I was also impressed with the vast content which can be accessed freely from ‘iBooks’. The calender application has been useful, however it would be beneficial if the personal iPad calender could link with the university system so that any timetable updates, such as an additional dissertation briefing, could be added directly to the calender. Hence it seems that over time tablets could possibly provide increasingly innovative methods of interacting with students.

Whilst I have benefitted from the constant access to news and information, the iPad has not proved to be of much use in lectures so far. I find it much easier to take notes on paper, however I am looking to buy a stylus for the iPad so that I can test if this may be more practical.

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