Asus Transformer series -transforming perception !!

I have joined this project primarily because of my interest in environment and sustainability. A way to eliminate usage of paper and make information mobile was an ideal foresight. Initially I was reluctant to try any other operating device other than IOS but as a part of this project we wanted to test Android vs IOS.

The tablet had transcended the meaning of convenience, mobility and simplification to another unimaginable level. I no longer carry heavy notebooks and lecture handouts and I have saved more papers than I could in the last few weeks  just by using Supernote for scribbling.

The touchscreen facilities are well designed for convenience. However I would require more time to be more efficient.

Polaris Office has worked perfectly for me minus the PDF files  for  which  our mentor, Nicolas had suggested Easy edit.

For Android, it is difficult to switch between apps. I hope it is just due to my technology illiteracy for android devices otherwise they will need to incorporate up-gradation for the same.

Other apps such as the My Library, Press reader and My gallery  created my virtual second home after mac .

I am yet to explore more  apps but  these few weeks has just been about developing acquaintance with the tablet and I am relatively content.


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