iPad – can it really change my views on tablets?

Before undergoing this project I always refused to be dragged into the iPhone, iPad hype. My view was that they were just fashion accessories that were cleverly marketed by Apple to weak minded people who tried to follow the crowd. The extortionate price tags on both products and the lack of features present in comparison to other companies, such as samsung, made me wonder why people even bothered. I would constantly try to persuade people to save themselves £20+ per month and just get a samsung, which has more features and better performance.

My original view on tablet technology in general was that tablets were just downgraded laptops with similar price tags (why pay so much for something that is so limited in comparison to a laptop that is capable of so much more?). They had no real purpose in my opinion because they are just oversized smartphones minus the phone (paying for less yet again!).

Being a tight fisted yorkshireman I would never have paid £300+ on an iPad to test whether or not I would find it useful. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this project because I would get to test the capability of this device without digging deep into my pockets (now I really do sound tight fisted!)

Originally I was skeptical about replacing paper based notes with the iPad. I went throught the whole of semester 1 taking notes in class and  revising from them, with success. I decided to commit 100% to this project and try to use the iPad to replace all of my note taking. I must say that my original, very strong, opinions have been downgraded. I doubted the capability of the iPad from the start and I take back some of the points I previously stated (SOME, I must stress).

I am really surprised by how responsive the keyboard is to fast typing. In every single lecture so far I have managed to take about 3-4 pages worth of notes (in comparison to 2 while using pen and paper). The interface is very user friendly and easy to navigate through (with some very useful shortcuts that I am accidentaly coming across day by day).

However, I tried to read a PDF off the iPad the other week and no matter how much you change the brightness, it still gives you that feeling you are reading off a computer screen which can be very tiring. This is something the Kindle has managed to perfect and something the iPad may need to work on. The iPad also has an annoying habbit of remembering where you have capitalised a letter. If you accidentally capitalise letters 1 and 2 in a word, when you try to delete the second one and retype it, the iPad will remember you capitalised it and you may end up doing the same mistake twice or more before realising you have to press the shift key.

Although there are some minor flaws, so far my expectations have far outweighed my original impressions. However I still have a strong view that tablet technology is very limited, when compared to computers and laptops (even netbooks). The iPad is, however, very convenient for what I am currently using it for. Will it be useful for anything else? I will soon find out.

About Stefano123
Half Swiss-Italian and half English; Born in Switzerland, raised in the Yorkshire region of England, I am somewhat of a hybrid (or a mutt). I hold an MSc in International Business from the University of Leeds and have a keen interest in stocks and shares, property and foreign exchange markets. My day job involves working for a multinational energy company as a market intelligence analyst. Outside of this I spend a lot of time reading about investing (mainly stocks and shares now) and researching company information - something I am very passionate about. Aside from the reading I have also been playing guitar for about 8 years and play in an Brit-Rock style band (although I prefer heavy rock/metal music). Finally, I also keep fit through Thai Boxing.

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