First Week

The past week I actually got started using my tablet.
After some battery issues on my galaxy 7” monday & tuesday. (battery drained/wouldn’t start up).

Initially I was disappointed with the battery,
however after Juice Defender Ultimate I am more satisfied with the battery. (can play a full day with it ).

Another app for android to increase productivity if swift key tablet  x, when holding the tablet in landscape you get a more centered keyboard around the sides for typing with thumbs. quite convenient.

Concerning the portability,
having previously worked with iPads (parents) I always found them a big too big to carry around whiteout having a backpack or any kind of bag.

The 7” inch galaxy is perfectly portable in daily life without a backpack or whatever.

For University usage,
I am using the application for word processing quick office pro & also office suite trial versions, I will most likely purchase quick office.

I like the convenience of just typing preparations for seminars at home, synchronizing it with dropbox and pulling it up again in the seminars through Dropbox.

However, Taking notes on 7 inch screen just is not efficient in my opinion. I still prefer using pen & paper.

I have still to set-up my school mail account on my tablet, I will ask David or Chris Gray or so to assist me in this.

Reading PDF’s & browsing the web is extremely easy,
Also revising with a tablet is well-efficient, no distractions such as a with a laptop and very easy to just lay next to my textbook and go through a PDF research paper.

For Personal use
I’m tried to replace my iPod Classic with my Galaxy Tab & Google Music as a daily music player but I must already cave in and state that the iPod Classic is still a better daily music player.

I would however say that Google Music is so far the best tablet music player I have experienced.

For Movies I am disappointed with Samsung for advertising it can play certain movie formats while in reality it can not without lagging. (mkv).

I’m also using the Amazon Kindle app as a eBook reader as I have got previous good experience with Amazon.
I am currently reading Treasure Island, It is a good book.

Also I have purchased Beautifull Widgets, unlike the iPad you’ve got a “home screen” just like a phone and on this home screen you can place Widgets for the Weather for example, of active apps running or a youtube widget that displays the most popular videos.

These where my experiences the past week.


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