a little bit thinking

Actually, I have been using ipad for half a year, with a motive of improving my English. I chose it here because I could connect to the free wifi all over the campus or even some areas around campus, really pretty convenient for me. Basically, I usually watch BBC  with ipad, the bigger size of screen tends to be more adorable compared with Android tablet and smart phones.

Till now, I have not taken any notes with ipad because I did not know how to make it before, and that was a problem puzzling me all the time. But, since last tablet meeting, I have already got the relevant applications which enable me to make it possible. Personally, I prefer to use tablet to reserve my study materials and make notes, especially, I can get back my data through the itunes even some technical or physical problems come up.

Next week, I gonna use it in classes~cannot wait~~~

About ml10m3l
A postgraduate in MSc International Business

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