First impression of taking notes on IPad

Although i used Ipad for long time, i never try to use it to take note because that it would disperse my concentration in class. This experience definetely impressed me so much.

At first, when i downloaded the electronic lecture note, i try to use keynote (Apple’s PPT app) taking notes and use record app to record Adam’s speaking. I met some problems: 1. there is no particular tools for taking note within keynote, except the “presentor’s note”; this note, however, is already done by Adam. So that i cannot do it seperately, unless continue this note. 2. when i am typing, i cannot see the slides in the same time. 3. the record app works separately, it seems not very helpfu for taking note.

Suffering from these problems, it seems to trouble me even i use other tools instead. like that i try to convert PPT into PDF and use goodreader instead to annotate, however, it is still not very qucik and convenient for fast annotating. Finally, i give up these apps and seek alternatives. Fortunately, i got a solution.

Here,  i recommend all of us to use the new app–PaperPort Notes, which previously called Noterize. This special app combines note take, document annotate and audio record together. when i first saw a trail video on YouTube, i felt it is grearful. freestlye writing on lecture slide (able to annotate PDF, PPT version, DOC is unavailable), different styles of pens (such as pecil and highligher in different colors) and record anytime any part when you think it is essential.

In a short, this app have solved most problem that we talked in the meeting , i recommend all of us to have a try on this incredible app, BTW, this is free on Appstore.

One Response to First impression of taking notes on IPad

  1. nforsans says:

    Very useful post, thanks for the recommendation… I will give it a try!

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