Random France trip

iPad in France

As it was my birthday, I was In France for the weekend. I decided to take the iPad with me to see if it was useful when abroad.

Firstly li found that at the airport it was a great way to kill time. As my flight was delayed I was in the airport for around 3 hours. The iPad battery is great, so I spent most of my time playing games etc. as e wifi cost money I could only use it free for thirty minutes, nevertheless there were many things I could do on the iPad.

I found myself revising, using notes that I had made, and pictures that I had taken. The snapshot tool is great. I went on the persons e text and while reading chapters took snapshots of then. Tis allowed me to access the book when offline.

During the day I didn’t use the iPad much, but it helped plan routes around France. While visiting the tourist destinations I found myself keeping the iPad close as I didn’t feel it was safe in the hotel (my hotel was pretty bad)

Carrying it around wasn’t a problem, and I even used it to take a few pictures on the Eiffel tower.

The downside of the iPad however is that in France it s very difficult to watch movies online. I normally stream them through Citrix receiver, but it wasn’t working. I tried watching bbc i player, and it doesn’t work in France. Finally I tried downloading a movie from iTunes, this also didn’t work, as it took all nit to download.

Now, at the end of the trip I am sat in the airport writing this. France is an amazing place to visit, most of you have probably been there, but I now understand why it’s the largest tourist destination in the world. Pretty cool!

One Response to Random France trip

  1. nforsans says:

    Thanks for this Umar, hopefully French people haven’t made bad impressions on you!

    Pearson etext should be available offline too using the app so no need for screenshots! At least that’s what Amanda said, has anybody tried accessing it without a wifi connection?
    You’re right re BBC iPlayer – it is only available in the UK as it is funded by the taxpayer. I am sure there are work arounds, for example by using a proxy that changes your IP address and makes people think you a in a differ country. Haven’t tried it on the iPad though…

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