Recent impression on my tablet.

—-Motorola XOOM 2—-

Although I have to say there was less passion for me to open it during lecture before because of the limited screen and incovenient on/off button design, on the other hand, it is easy to take out. Then i still realize the meaning of this pilot project,that is, try to make full use of the tablet and expore its merit as much as I can. Since last meeting, i found everyone is using more fantastic apps on study than me, i need to go back to my little poor tablet which might be suffering from a little bit ignorance by me. Perhaps I kept using Android on my smartphone while studying too much before, more convenient as i think , but I am now trying to take advantage of the tablet all the time. The exemplified units for study are course revision and case study preparation , which make me feel extremely cool sometimes so that i can get rid of paper based documents . I am keen on using the tablet to read e-books, in particular when i am in the library i dont have to go computer cluster and just bring it with me thus i can check portal every time , i also dont have to go some seats beside power socket caz it really has an fantastic advantage that can keep alive for several hours. Anyway, reading e-books, convenient operation interface and  google map are the functions i appreciate most. 

To be honest, however, I still need time to get use to writing everything in an electronic way, but it for sure will be fine. I ve own the apps which are required recently and i will try to use it more efficiently, especially during the lecture.

A Good thing is i rely on the tablet more than i expected before and i have got a rising attitude toward it.


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