second week – still exciting

Even though I must admit that it is getting less exciting, it is still very much entertaining and helping me throughout my day in the university.

I`ve started to enjoy more and more reading on this ipad. Especially during my revision session for a module of my masters degree, I was basically just using my tablet to read the necessary content from the ebook. In the first week of using the ipad I was complaining about the missing function to make notes and follow the slides simultaneously. But thanks to a fellow student of my course who advised me this app, during the last week I have started to intensively use a app called “goodreader” to read pdf documents and an make notes on it as well. It is very easy to use and allows me to abandon the use of paper to write down my notes. I can easily open for instance the pdf document for the current lecture, follow the slides and make notes. Therefore I would highly recommend it everyone who wants to make notes during lectures on an ipad.

However, the ipad is still a very entertaining as well as productive and the more I get used to it, the less I am using my laptop. Maybe it is not giving me the same excitement to use it like in the first week but in terms of reading articles, watching videos, writing emails or simply playing games I find this device very useful. Especially the batterie life allows me to use the ipad for at least two days without charging it.

Another strong feature of using the ipad, is the icloud function which basically synchronizes all my notes, pictures, mails, etc on every of my apple devices. This has maybe less to do with the ipad but I thought its worth mentioning it just in case someone is worried about how to transfer his or her notes from the ipad to other devices.

Overall, I am still very much enjoying the ipad and will try to increasingly use it to find out where I can identify crucial limitations which of course I will mention in my following blog post.

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