Lectures on the Tablet 7”


So after the meeting, what I found very useful in exchanging experiences and opinions by the way, I had set my mind on using Quick office pro open the lecture slides and use to follow the classes.

I must admit, when the lecturer is explaining something, I find that I am much more attentive when looking at the slides on my tablet than if I were to pay attention to the projected presentation.

However, I found the screen size a limitation on the 7’’ galaxy as when taking notes. The entire screen becomes a notepad and I can’t see the presentation anymore. (a split screen would have been nice).

Also, something I find very annoying in quick office if is that I by accident press on the home or back button I get slung back to my homepage and my document did not auto save! So today at the end of BRICs this occurred and my entire document was blank. I was not a new document so auto saving should have occurred in my opinion, or at least the question if I want to save.

A product related issue however is the battery, for some reason it completely drains after 3 days… Even if the battery still is at 70% the second day, in the morning of the third day it won’t even boot anymore. Annoying, however this may just be my device.

I’m extremely pleased with the email client, I have it also on my phone enabled but a bigger screen makes checking the university mailbox and sending emails so much more convenient. 

Also I seem to stay much more updated on current affairs concerning emerging markets, economics etc. through the BBC, Bloomberg apps. I also have them installed on my phone but performing these tasks on a tablet is just so much more enjoyable and convenient.

 Having flash is nice, just everything on the web works J

Even though HTML5 or 5HTML is the new standard, a lot of older sites still are in flash, just convenient.

However the VLE is annoying, it’s not at the VLE it’s at android operating system.

It’s laggy and sometimes my touch pad is oversensitive in the VLE.

That’s it for now!

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