iPad update – new iPad and updated iOS

Those of you testing the iPad should be able to update the device to iOS 5.1, the latest version of the operating system that was released yesterday following the official launch of the third version of the iPad.

What’s new

The highlight in yesterday’s announcement is the bringing of the Retina display from the iPhone 4S to the iPad, resulting in a crispier and sharper screen.  The processor has been updated to make it faster, a useful addition if you play processor-intensive games on the device (not that the old processor got in the way) – other than that, nothing to shout about, except maybe the built-in dictation software that can write emails, documents and notes as you speak (although from experience these never seem to cope very well with foreign accents!). With the release of the successor to the iPad2 came useful improvements to some of Apple’s apps such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers, as well as the release of iPhoto, a photoshop-type of app for the iPad.

To benefit from these improvements you will need to update your current device to iOS5.1.  To do so:

  • connect your iPad2 to iTunes on your laptop using the usb cable provided with the device
  • on iTunes on the laptop, go to your “Devices” tab, click “Check for update” and notification of an update will appear on the screen
  • Click “download” an let iTunes do the work for you – do not disconnect the device
  • After about 10-15′ your iPd 2 will be running the update system

Updated apps

If you had purchased Keynote, Pages Numbers or Garage Band before, go to the “Updates” tab on the AppStore on your device and you will be able to update those apps for free – they require iOS5.1 so it is important to first update the device to iOS5.1. before installing updated versions of Apple’s most popular apps. For a rundown of updated and new apps see this post

iPad2 or the new iPad?

Those of you interested in acquiring an iPad at the end of the pilot will be pleased to know that both the iPad2 and the new iPad will be sold simultaneously. In the past, the new version displaced the older one.  The new iPad will retail for £399 for the 16GB version while prices for the iPad2 will fall by around £70 to £329 – a good deal if you are not too bothered about the lack of retina display and the slower processor that characterise the iPad2.  Only those of you playing processor-intensive games may consider the new iPad. For the rest of us, the iPad2 will do very well..! You can compare the features and specs of both versions here.

What I found interesting in yesterday’s announcement is how little Apple has to do to keep selling them like hot cakes.  While 80 tablets were released in 2011 alone by 30 manufacturers, Apple still commands 62% of the global market for tablet devices worldwide. Samsung, probably Apple’s strongest competitor to-date, sold 6 million tablets last year, Apple sold 40 million.  Competition may come from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, a cheaper device sold in the USA. Other than that, there is not much to trouble Apple which is still widely expected to sell another 70 million iPads this year alone, which would give the firm 70% of the market. No wonder why they do not have to come up with revolutionary innovations to keep selling their devices…

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