Update for Android tablets coming soon

Those of you testing Android tablets ill be leased to know a number of manufacturers are about to release the next version of Android OS for their tablets, in particular Asus and Motorola. Find out more about what Ice Cream Sandwich brings here.

To upgrade your device to Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • Go into “Settings”, then “About” / “Software Update”
  • You will then get a message informing you that an update is available. If this is the case, make sure you are connected to wifi, then hit “Download” or “Download and Install”. Do not touch the device and let Android do the work for you. The device will eventually reboot and none of your documents / music / pictures will be lost
  • If you do not get that message while checking for updates, then try again later / the following day / week / month

Updates will roll out this quarter for the to above-mentionned manufacturers, while Samsung also promised the upgrade (without giving a timescale).

Ice Cream Sandwich does not bring a revolution but unifies the OS across phones and tablets. It is a worthwhile update, not least because it irons out bugs, brings additional functionalities, makes the system faster and supports Google’s celebrated browser, Chrome for Android. Once you’ve upgraded the device you can download it for free  from the Android market – the android version of Chrome supports many additional functionalities such as tab browsing.

It is sleek, fast and a much better alternative to the default browser. Oh, and it syncs all your bookmarks across Google services, such as Chrome on your laptop.

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Academic at Leeds University Business School and Learning Technologist, Programme Director for the MSc International Business

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