The importance of type software

Recently I’ve found out that actually a lot of apps can be used to edit doc, I’m not that into editing pdf cuz I never edit them on PCs either. However, it’s very inconvenient for me to take notes during lectures due to the difficulties of typing , however, after I’ve downloaded an typing app which is more consistent which chinese’ typing habits, things were starting becoming better and better. First of all, it’s more convenient to find those symbols I used a lot in taking notes, also , I can type chinese which is very convenient for chinese students to take notes. The app’s name is Sougou. It can even quicken my typing speed due to the automatic match function inside this app.Not to mention that 

Besides from taking notes, I find communication apps like facebook, skype and QQ for me also very useful and important, it do helps a lot in getting quick contacts with my friends and family during emergent situations. My father advise me to take it with me during travelling ( of course not necessarily this one) so that I can send him information about my security and life, which of much meanings to parents.

The other functions are remained to explore, especially the pdf editting function.

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