Using the iPad in lectures, and on the train…


The more I try new things with the iPad the more useful it seems to be. For example, after downloading Quickoffice I have used this application many times to write documents and presentations. This has allowed me to utilise my time better; I have recently spent a lot of time on the train and the iPad has allowed me to carry my work with me, providing much needed flexibility. Utilising time on the train has been the most beneficial aspect of the iPad for me and I am now considering buying one after the trial in order to still benefit from this. 
Last week I wrote the Debates and Controversies 400 word assignment on the iPad with ease. I then was able to upload the document onto theVLE, and I actually had less difficulty doing this on the iPad than my laptop! Whilst others have found that the Quickoffice application does not frequently save work automatically, I have not found this to be an issue. It saves the document every 5  minutes or so which I have found sufficient.


I have used a variety of methods of using the iPad in lectures, such as the Notes application and Quickoffice. However, I have found that the best way of using the iPad in lectures is to annotate the handouts using Goodreader. I was amazed at the simplicity of this application and how much you can do with it! I tend to write a lot of notes so I have benefitted most from the yellow boxes where you can write text. I do still however try and pick up a paper handout for revision purposes. I think it could start to get confusing having some lectures annotated on the iPad and others annotated on the paper copies so I am planning to print out all of my annotated lectures from Goodreader. Although this isn’t perhaps the best option for the environment, I do find revising from paper handouts to be easier.


Other useful applications

Evernote has proved to be a useful tool as I tag different news articles according to the particular module which they relate to. This will be very helpful when it comes to writing assignments as I already have a wealth of relevant information ready and waiting.
I also have been using a voice recording tool called Audio Memos to record evening presentations and investment seminars as these do not have handouts available online to annotate. The quality of the recordings are very good so I have been impressed with this application.


As I steadily begin to get used to the iPad, I feel that now I have started to uncover the wealth of useful applications which it has to offer. I’m sure as the term goes on I will find even more tools which may help with both my studies and my career.

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