Taking notes and editing documents on Android Galaxy Tablet in Lectures

Taking notes

To read lecture handouts I used Quick Office Pro HD,  I used free office for a bit but I found this too limited.

The actual editing of powerpoint handouts goes quite fluently in Quickoffice Pro, however I experience to problems

  • sometimes when I press by accident the home button it doesn’t save the file. Annoying. However this may just be temporary bug
  • Another problem was whilst taking notes with lecture handouts was that the entire screen would be switch to white space to input text, a split screen with 50% lecture note & 50% white space to take notes would be much more convenient.

Did I stop using paper handouts? No, because of the above stated, I prefer writing/taking notes whilst seeing the lecture slides at the same time.


I have yet to write a complete essay on my tablet but I keep school material on DropBox (cloud computing) and usually open my seminar notes to further expand them. However I still feel that writing on paper is still more efficiently than trying to type fluently on a 7 inch tablet.  Again like working in PowerPoint, I feel that the tablet keyboard takes up much too much space.

I do find myself doing a lot of reading of topic-related material on my tablet (PDF). I would even say I prefer reading PDF’s on my tablet than paper/computer screen, just much less straining on my eyes.

However while writing this blog, I tried to highlight some text out of a PDF through the Amazon Kindle app and take a screenshots of it but I couldn’t.  I have not yet needed to highlight any material out of a PDF but will try out easyPDF as the Kindle app is falling short in functionality.

File Transfer

I do my file transfer in two ways:

1. USB

If I want to transfer files through USB in Android I just have to enable the USB mass storage option in “Settings”. When connected my android device shows up as a mass storage usb device in Finder (Macintosh) and I can just drag and drop files from my hard drive. No need for additional software.

The screenshots are taken by holding Power + Back and show up in the Screenshot folder.

2. Dropbox

I use DropBox (cloud storage) for school related documents, so all my documents are available on a cross platform of devices and I don’t need to transfer them manually.

I tend to do both methods just to be safe I don’t have any files missing.

Here are the pictures:

1. DropBox



2. PowerPoint in QuickOffice (it also offers to insert figures/symbols etc)



3. Taking notes in Word documents (keyboard takes too much of the screen)



4. Taking notes of a powerpoint slide:


One Response to Taking notes and editing documents on Android Galaxy Tablet in Lectures

  1. nforsans says:

    Thanks for this. Screenshots are a pain on Android devices, only Asus has implemented a way to get it done but the functionality was disabled by Google as a result of a security issue. Hopefully it will be enabled in future software upgrades

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