Note taking on the iPad and Writing Assignments

Note-taking with ipad in lectures

I have been using the iPad in lectures for note taking for over half a week, and I still think that annotating on paper is more convenient for me. Typing on the iPad in lectures is inefficient and not practical for a beginner. Usually, I use GoodReader to take notes in the lectures with the purpose of testing, but this app tends to be more powerful when I am doing my  reflection essays because I could annotate the articles without printing them out, which proved really useful. Sometimes, when I cannot find a proper way to download the articles I need, then I use Quickoffice to create a new text and paste the article on it.

Doing essays with ipad

I have not finished an essay solely rely on ipad, just use it to type some ideas or replace laptop to do essay on the train or in the university. However, when I finish the essay, I still need to transfer it to the computer through email, in order to reorganize the structure and layout.

Transferring the screenshots

Firstly, Email the document to myself through GoodReader

Secondly, Check my email and download it to my computer.

Thirdly, Open the document and use QQ Screenshot function to cut down the content I need in the form of picture.

Lastly, Upload it  to the website.

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