Asus “ahh sooss”

Firstly ,  I just got to know the pronunciation of Asus is “Ah sooss ” .

I have dumped the useless keyboard and moved on with just the tablet .

The best factor contributing towards this tablet is the size of the screen. I have read comments of my fellow team members on not being able to use tablets for lectures and notes which I believe is due to the screen size of their tablets.  My tablet’s screen sufficiently has space for my fingers to type comfortably using the QWERTY .

I have no intention of switching from Polaris office yet. To my earlier feedback on the non availability of option to switch between apps. I have discovered Polaris allows me to take notes in a tab just below the slides.

In addition, I use Evernote  to take my seminar or revision notes. It enables me to take pictures and screenshots of the definitions, diagrams, charts etc and tag lecture notes which is my perfect package of revision. You can also attach videos and audios, subject to purchase for the the additional space.

With apps like  Dropbox and Evernote, I no longer depend on any external storage devices. Like mentioned earlier, I need to pay for the extra storage space.

As a confession,  I sometimes still take a handout due to my fear of losing all my files. Just to add to the discomfort my battery dies very fast. Today,  I had to sit next to a power plug point and had to continue with handouts.

I have deleted non-academic apps like Facebook , Skype etc but it hasn’t helped.

Overall I am still quite satisfied. It has simplified learning. Increased productivity. Convenience manifested with the mobility of knowledge and information transfer.

One Response to Asus “ahh sooss”

  1. nforsans says:

    Thanks for this, very useful post – glad you use Dropbox and Evernote. The screen on the Asus is particularly bright which makes it ideal to read and edit documents on the device.
    Sorry about the keyboard – when I used the Transformer I quite liked the keyboard so either it is defective or it dos not suit everyone.
    As for the battery problems you experienced, it must be defective. Two ways to go about it:
    – take it back to us while you are not using it and we will contact the manufacturer as the device is still under warranty; they may sort it out within a few days and we could hand the device back to you within a week or so
    – or keep using it if it does not bother you too much, and when you hand the device back we’ll get in touch with the manufacturer.

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