Some useful apps for the iPad

Hi guys I just thought I would update you all on some useful apps for the iPad that could prove to be very useful.


The major problem I have had with the iPad since day one was not being able to download email attachments (specifically those sent through the university email account). The problem was that the attachments were usually in a zipped folder, and to gain access to these files you first need to open the zipped folder. An app called ReaddleDocs is perfect for overcoming this issue. It’s at a cost of £2.99 but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion, especially when I need to access seminar preparation material that has been sent to my Uni email account.

It’s simple! you install the app and it’s ready to use. You just click on an email attachment and it will download the zip folder into ReaddleDocs. Once it is in ReaddleDocs, click on the zip folder and it will extract the files/folder for you to gain access to them. Furthermore these can then be opened in other apps such as QuickOffice, GoodReader etc. If your willing to pay £2.99, you will find yourself downloading email attachments on your iPad, rather than using your laptops. If there is a free version available I would be interested in knowing about it.



When I began using GoodReader I couldn’t figure out a way to open up photo documents to annotate, only PDF documents. Therefore I began exploring and came across this interesting app, which allows you to annotate any picture by adding text, arrows, shapes, a sketch option to draw using your finger etc. The above pictures of ReaddleDocs were annotated using Skitch. I found this app very easy to operate and there are probably many things you can do with this app, however I have a tendency to work things out on my own rather than follow an instruction manual. Check it out I think it was free but if it wasn’t it didnt cost much, after all it is me we are talking about here 😉


About Stefano123
Half Swiss-Italian and half English; Born in Switzerland, raised in the Yorkshire region of England, I am somewhat of a hybrid (or a mutt). I hold an MSc in International Business from the University of Leeds and have a keen interest in stocks and shares, property and foreign exchange markets. My day job involves working for a multinational energy company as a market intelligence analyst. Outside of this I spend a lot of time reading about investing (mainly stocks and shares now) and researching company information - something I am very passionate about. Aside from the reading I have also been playing guitar for about 8 years and play in an Brit-Rock style band (although I prefer heavy rock/metal music). Finally, I also keep fit through Thai Boxing.

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