iPads to be rolled out on the MSc International Business

Faculty Executive Group has approved the roll out of the iPad project at the level of the full programme in 2012.13. This means all staff and students will be equipped with iPads and we are now working on integrating these devices into the MSc International Business curriculum, identifying ways in which iPads can be used to transfer learning outcomes for each module.

The past six months have been interesting, thanks to our student testers who trialled two types of devices, iPads and Android tablets with various screen sizes.  Over the past few months a clear preference emerged in favour of iPads, and the standard 9.6′ screen size was considered to be best suited to the use of such devices in higher education.

Throughout the duration of the pilot there was no specific demand for student support, although the need for training has become more significant in recent months, in particular towards the use of specific apps.  This is a suggestion we will take on board  and next year students will be offered a training programme to help them make the best of their device and the apps that will make them more productive.

The full results of our pilot will be published here and disseminated at technology-related conferences. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to get a copy of our findings report.

Thumbs up for our student testers who have done a great job, helped us identify what works and what doesn’t and made great suggestions to help us move forward.  And if you are interested in joining the MSc International Business at Leeds University Business School next year, there has never been a more exciting time to join us!

About nforsans
Academic at Leeds University Business School and Learning Technologist, Programme Director for the MSc International Business

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