Update #2

I still have noticed a good amount of productivity increase…however i am growing less reliant on the ipad in terms of work, and starting to not use it as often now. Though, it seems that it is still quite useful for essay writing.


I am basically just formatting my paper on the ipad, and its proving very helpful.


all of the mandatory apps are quite useful, definitely help in the lecture. However, I don’t like to engage with my ipad as it takes away from the lecture. easy to lose focus. Agree with David on this one.


I plan to use the remainder of the gift voucher on Audiobooks, it is very convenient to have and listen to a book anywhere if anyone enjoys a good audiobook.


iPad first Impressions

Hello everyone it’s Tony,

First post here, just letting everyone know how I feel about this wonderful device and how my experience has been thus far!

I have been using my iPad every single day. Very convenient, to say the least! I really enjoy bringing my pad to class, because I can take notes on my notepad and email them to myself for review later on in the day. Is it more efficient? I’m not totally sure it’s more efficient… But it is definitely good to have. I think I took more detailed notes with pen and paper though.

I used to lug my laptop to class in order to go to the library after, but this as simply to access notes or whatever on my laptop. This has been replaced now so I find it easy to bring this along.

In terms of adaptability, the android definitely trumps the IPad. The android allows for much more versatility when browsing, downloading, etc. The iPad is locked tight.

Overall, I’m enjoying my experience and it is working well for me!

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