My Obervations of the Xoom 2 on the Android Operating System

After using the Xoom 2 tablet computer for nearly two months now I have found it has been useful for note-taking in lectures, preparation in seminars, and for completing assessments.


In lectures, I have found the most agreeable way to take notes is to type down the lecture in note form using the app Evernote. I did try to use apps such as EZPDF reader and QuickOffice HD to annotate the electronic versions of the lecture handouts. However, I found it hard to use these apps for this purpose so I preferred to use Evernote, and would refer to the handout throughout the lecture when I needed it.

I prefer using Evernote primarily because as soon as I save anything I have written down, it is synchronised to both my laptop and phone. The ease in which this provides me with being able to access my notes at a later date has been particularly helpful in referring back to lectures at a later date. The ability to tag different notes is another feature of Evernote which I find useful because it means I can archive my notes into their respective modules and topics.

Seminars and Assessments

I have used the tablet extensively throughout all my seminars and assessments this semester. I have found it useful in preparing for seminars using Evernote, and for planning any assessments I have to write. However, I have found I prefer typing any extensive pieces of work on my laptop using the keyboard. This is particularly true for writing word documents as I find the QuickOffice equivalent to be lacking in features and ease of use. Often I use both the laptop and tablet simultaneously, one to do the reading and the other to type notes down.

All in all, I have found the tablet to have had a positive impact on my ability to organize my work and to take down concise notes. It is also helpful being able to read lecture handouts and articles without a paper version or my laptop on me. However, I still prefer using my laptop for many functions such as composing essays or composing emails.

First impressions with the Motorola Xoom 2

Hi guys Chris here,
I’ve been testing out the Motorola Xoom 2 for this project. Having only used an ipad as a tablet computer and never having owned an android phone my main concern when i received this tablet was whether or not I would be able to use it as smoothly as I would with an iOS tablet.

So far I have found it to be fine, although I think a iOS is an easier interface to use, especially if you are unfamiliar with tablets. However, since getting the tablet I have become much more suited to the operating system. The main problem I had at first was having difficulty setting up my university email on it.
There are certainly benefits to the Android operating system, such being able to switch between apps easily. It is also good to be able to watch flash videos. Also, I like using Evernote to make lecture notes, since anything I write can then be accessed by my phone or laptop. Although I don’t think I take better notes than if I had written them by hand.

For the tablet itself, I do like the feel of it and think that it looks good. However, I dislike that the power button is next to the volume ones, so that I often press the wrong button. The case is also bulky and not effective at acting as a stand. The battery life is long enough but I think that charging it takes longer than it should. The speakers are good though and so are the two cameras. I have also found typing tougher than if I were using a keyboard, but I have got better since I started.

Therefore, so far I do like this tablet computer, and I look forward to seeing how comfortable I can become with it. Although I am still not sure whether it is making me more productive for note-taking and participating in the course.

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