First impressions using Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″

My tablet is operated on Android system and it’s Samsung 7″.

Since I’ve always used those electricity things with my study all throught out my life ever since I graduated from primary school , I’ve been looking forward to this project very much. All these new technologies do brought a lot of convenience to my study, and what I’m looking for is something that can integrate all my needs, which gives me a great reason to give the tablet a try.
First of all, I have to say the tablet do seems very helpful for gathering information.  Reading e-books is much more convenient and affordable in modern time besides from the damage to our sight. Ever since I was 12 I’ve been used to read books on screen mainly because that it’s  much more affordable compared to real books. If I feel like reading some novels or textbooks, I don’t have to carry all those books in my bag from Grayson Heights to the university. It’s a long journey and I seriously hate that weight.  Also, it’s very useful when some information is needed emergently, we can directly log into the Internet and check about the information. For example, when I have got some doubts about my time table I can directly go to my tablet and check it in my classroom during the break instead of going to the computer cluster.

But there are  also some pitfalls about the tablet during the process of gathering information. First of all, as i’ve mentioned before, it will do serious damage to our sight if we try to read all the materials from it, personally my family  really has a crush on the newly developed screen used in the kindle series which claims themselves as much more eye-protecting than those colored screens. I don’t know wheather it can be adapted to tablet some day.  Secondly, I don’t know if that’s my problem but it seems that it’s not very convenient to download the files and open it directly when I was browsign the internet, sometimes the information is simply packed in some pdf or ppt files which needs to be downloaded and open, however my tablet never successfully downloaded it nor opened it.

However, what I really counted on the tablets is making notes. I’ve been used to making notes with PC for a long time, last year I’ve made piles of notes from the Economics course with my PC, it does have a lot of advantages over paper notes like computer files are more easy to be managed and corrected. Futhermore, When they are printed out ,the outline will be more clear for reviewing, not to mention about the environment friendly and time-saving part. However, when I really started to try making notes with the tablet, I find it really disappointing to put  in this way. First of all, for making notes, I have to pay my attention to those books I’m currently reading or  what our teachers are lecturing, however, without attention on the tablet keyboard, it’s impossible to type correctly.  It’s really annoying for me when I have to pay attention to my tablet when I try to copy down some words from those books that I’m currently reading. Also, the speed of typing can never compare to that when I was using real keyboards, I doubt wheather it can be quicker than writing actually!!

That’s all my first impression, it seems a bit over too long on the first week and I’m really sorry for those grammar mistakes.  Hope this will helps a lot in our projects.

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