Another “top 50 Android phone apps” from the Guardian for our Android users…

Save2pdf for iPad

An app that attracted my attention last night is Save2PDF for iPad which enables the conversion of emails, documents, contacts and webpages into pdf documents.  A key feature of the app is the merging of several documents into a single PDF file even if they are of completely different formats. Which means you could create a pdf document made of separate documents such as spreadsheets, charts, text, webpages etc.   This sounds really interesting..!


You can read about the app here – retailing for £3.99 I will test it in the next few days and report back on this blog.

The Guardian’s top 50 Android apps & Chrome to Phone (Android)

If you are trialling an Android tablet the Guardian has recently published its list of the 50 best apps for the platform. There is a bit of everything in it but many could be classified as productivity-enhancing apps. Check the list for yourself here and why not subscribe to their apps blog which reviews some of the newest and best apps on both iPads and android tablets?

Also worth downloading on Android is Chrome to Phone – recently updated, it allows you to send the content of your Chrome browser on your laptop to your android phone’s or tablet’s browser.  One app that I miss (an maybe the one I miss most) on the iPad. Watch the demo here


CloudOn for iPad or Office in your pocket

An app that has just been released in the AppStore is CloudOn for iPad – previously only available in the US and Canadian app store.Image

What’s great about the app is that

(1) it integrates with your Dropbox account

(2) it allows you to edit your Dropbox documents (and create new ones) using MS Office software, How they manage to do that I don’t know. But with the app you have a fully funtional version of Microsoft Office which may make Quick Office and the like completely redundant.

Try it for yourself – follow the link for the free download or take the tour here

Meanwhile Microsoft is widely expected to bring a version of its Office software on the iPad and on Android. The word on the street is that Apple and Microsoft will be joining forces for the launch of the iPad 3 early in March – there have been reports of a working Office app for iPad, although Microsoft has denied its existence. Clearly someone saw a live demo of the app running on the iPad (see pic) so someone is lying…! Although doing so would promote the platform of one of Microsoft’s main competitors, it would strategically makes sense if Microsoft does not want to fall into irrelevance. Until such a time, CloudOn will fill the gap – give it a try. Why they are giving it away for free I am not sure, office workers would happily pay for sticking to what they know best, i.e. Office.

Android Galaxy Tab

Hi, Duncan here.

I’ve bought the previous Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” model from 2011 and am using it with an OS X platform.

I’ve so far had it 1 day.

My initial impression on Samsung,

I’m very pleased with the responsivess of the touch screen, the resolution and technicical capabilites however concerning the software;

I updated my Android Tablet to Gingerbread 2.3 through the official update that samsung supplied but however I found afterwards that the Samsung Kies software suit did not recognize my Tablet anymore!  This meant that I cannot use any of the Samsung pre-installed apps as they all require to sync media (photos/music) through the Samsung Kies suite. I think this is really bad on samungs part as this tablet is 1.5 years old and already totally not supported anymore!

On another note I found that the pre-installed samsung apps such as Movies usually just take me to a website and that was it.  The pre-installed samsung ebook app was an exact copy of iBook, not necessarily bad but again very limited.

Another annoyance on Samsung’s part was the fact you can’t remove any of these pre-installed apps, unless you “Root” your Android device.  But having worked with Samsung laptops before, that’s exactly what I expected. Shortcoming preinstalled software.

Luckily the community site of Android compensates for Samsung’s shortcoming

Apps I can recommend:

Defintely install the Dolphin browser (for Android & iOS)

It’s a tabbed browser such as Google Chrome, really userfriendly and also offers the option to sync it with Google Account (bookmarks)

For Android tablet users, defintely install Swiftkey Tablet X , it’s an optimized keyboard for Tablet users, it’s makes typing fast so much easier

For news, I found Pulse extremely pleasant, I usually don’t like RSS readers but this newsfeed gave a “magazine” touch,N You can input different news sources and it displays it very pleasantly.

Despite the initial hick-up on Samsungs part I am thoroughly enjoying the massive android community concerning the tablet

I have not installed a productivity office suite yet but will do it this weekend and test it next week in class, I’m also planning to test several movie/ebook/music apps.


Greetings to all

Hi everyone! Here is Victor, I have used the iPad since the first edition.  As follow is some of my recommendation in daily time.


View on iTunes

A well-known app from apple’s office software, can easily processor word and corporate with and type of Microsoft Word.


View on iTunes

Like Pages, Keynote is  another powerful app for presentation and coping with PPT very well. In my experience, this app on iPad is very suit for us to creat a presentation, such as the quick alter the picture and  description by only using our finger.


View on iTunes

This app is a fantastic one that allowed you do the mindmapping. It’s very useful!!!!

Some useful Android productivity apps

A selection of apps I used for some time on Android, hoping that will prove useful to get you started:

Note: the Android market operates a 15 minute refund policy so you can buy apps and as long as you return to the android market on your device and click “refund” you will be refunded. Outside of that 15′ window you can not get refunded so best to try the app as soon as it has downloaded. Check reviews for individual apps before purchasing them too!


Obviously one of the most useful apps which works together with your Evernote account. Free. With Evernote on your tablet you can upload web pages, pictures, files, text… virtually everything onto your Evernote account. Use it both on your laptop, smartphone and tablet and everything is in sync. To upload anything onto Evernote open the document / webpage / picture you want to upload, click on “Share” then “Evernote” and the item will be waiting for you on any other devices you may use.

Chrome to phone

Very useful app which, once installed on your tablet and in Chrome (as an extension) on your laptop enables you automatically open a website on your tablet right from your laptop. Free. Very useful when stumbling upon a website on your laptop but want to read it later on your tablet. From Chrome on your laptop, click the Chrome to phone icon and the same website opens a few seconds later on your android tablet. Magic! And cool. An app I will miss on the iPad.

The reverse is also available by using a different app, 2cloud


The opposite to Chrome to phone. From your tablet, open a webpage, click Share / 2 cloud and the webpage will automatically open in your Chrome browser on your desktop/laptop. Another app I ill miss on the iPad. Free. Needs to b installed on the tablet and on the laptop (in Chrome) to work.

QuickOfficeHD Pro

In my opinion the best office editor available on the tablet. Installed by default on the Motorola Xoom (not sure about the Xoom 2). Alternatives include Polaris Office (comes pre-installed on the Transformer) but not as good in my opinion.

A trial version under “Quick office HD Trial” is available for free.


An app that enables you to annotate lecture handouts in pdf format and save them locally. Very useful. £1.90


Ideal if you use buses anywhere in the UK – the app displays your approximate location, nearby bus stops and displays real time information for every single stop in England, using GPS technology installed on board every single bus.  For real time train information try Rail Planner Live with real time information across the National rail network, planned engineering work, journey planner etc.


Not strictly speaking a productivity app, Google Music enables synchronisation of all your music (including that bought on iTunes) with all your android devices. On your Android tablet choose to access each song locally (i.e. by downloading it onto the tablet when you are connected to wifi for listening in non wifi area) so that your whole music collection is available offline as well as online. Initially restricted to US users there is a work around to get it to work in the UK – happy to advise… it definiely works (well) on my Android tablet. Free.

TuneIn Radio

Probably the best radio player available both on the iPad and on Android with access to live streams, a wide range of podcasts and programmes previously broadcast on radio stations around the world. Free.


Obviously. And Free. Get access to all your files from any device anywhere in the world without worrying about losing them. Dropbox saved my life when my hard drive died on me last Friday. Free. Alternative includes

Citrix Receiver

Accessing the VLE can be a pain on some devices. Citrix enables you to access all network software and resources  (such as the real Internet Explorer, full versions of Powerpoint, excel etc as well as your M drive). Free. please refer to the apps guide Cath put together for details of logon credentials to access the service. Can be clunky though.

ES File Manager

A proper file manager which allows you to move your files across folders, similar to a Windows experience. Send files and pictures from your Android tablet to your phone and any other computer via Bluetooth. Move them around. Create folders etc. A typical file explorer. Free. Plenty of free alternatives, check the reviews on the Market before downloading the app of your choice.

Flash player

Unlike the iPad Android tablets support Flash, but you will need to download the free player to access Flash-based material such as videos, etc.

Plenty more apps to tell you about on another occasion. What apps have you downloaded?

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