The tablets we’re testing

We are testing a variety of tablets running iOS and Android operating systems:

Christopher Gray and Jingwei Wang are testing the Motorola Xoom 2  – released earlier this year, the Xoom 2 is the successor to the Xoom, the very first Android tablet to hit the market in 2011

David Ion Vlad is testing the original Xoom and struggling with the various “force close” messages that pop up on the screen

David Vickers is testing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10′ – probably the most popular Android tablet to date

Deniz Alkan, Stefano Guidicelli, Umar Hameed, Jiang Tao,  Stephanie Carter, Muhua Luo,  Anthony Bermeo and Nicolas Forsans are testing the iPad 2

Diana Rajkumari is testing the Asus Transformer, a popular Android tablet with the added benefit of a keyboard which transforms the device into a laptop-type of device. Diana has been struggling with the keyboard and it sounds like the manufacturer’s battery has let her down on several occasions… she’s not giving up though!

Duncan Huysmans and Changjia Li (Christina) are testing Samsung’s 7′ version of the popular Galaxy Tab – struggling a bit with the small screen size

2 Responses to The tablets we’re testing

  1. vg05 says:

    em…. I’m testing iPad2 too…….Jiang Tao

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