iPad week two Day 1- after watching stefano typing up lectures like a madman, I decided to try it for myself.  The more you use the keyboard the easier it gets. Again, I would love the iPad to have a specialised pen with it, as I am missing a lot of vital information. I am still annotating lecture slides, and I find that I seem to pick up the information I type must faster. This is probability because it takes me longer to write it, plus spelling mistakes means I have to retread it to edit it. In terms of games, I am not playing them as much now. Angry birds seems to be a favourite, but apart from that my most used app in Facebook.  I use the notes app a lot also, and thanks to Denis have recently discovered that the keypad splits,

Day 2- I feel I am becoming less vocal in lectures as my head it glued to the iPad. I don’t seem to answer as many questions and I need to make a conscious effort to therefore contribute more in class.

Day 3- found a fault with e iPad this morning. I took it off chard and the screen decided to lock positions. Hereford I could not turn it. I checked the settings and this indicated that my screen should not be locking. When I went to uni I showed stefano what happened to my iPad, and we decided to test if the same would happen to his. After hanging the settings to lock, and then back to unlock, the iPad was still locked. Even after turning it on and off, it still didn’t work. To combat this problem the setting had to be reset. Later when I was talking to tony, he also told me that his iPad was having similar. Problems, however he couldn’t press a button.

Day 4- forgot the iPad at home, had to be old school and write with a pen.

Day 5- downloaded some cool apps today, realised that there is an app for everything and anything. There’s a cool video editing tool that allows you to slow movies down. This is perfect for training, and I can record my technique, and then break it down to see exactly what I am doing wrong. Overall this week it has to be said that the iPad although not a necessity, it a gadget that makes research easier.


One Response to iPAD i LOVE YOU

  1. nforsans says:

    Very useful comments – I know pens are available for use with the iPad, I haven’t tested any yet maybe we could look at doing so in the pilot. I wasn’t aware of the lock problem, would Cath have experienced it? Shame about having to hard setting the device to get it solved though….

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