Useless keyboard

I have received the other part of my tablet i.e the keyboard. Now we can comprehend, the reason why my tablet is called a transformer. However it hasn’t been as useful as I had expected , worth mentioning the speed which is dramatically slow.

Besides the keyboard, my tablet and I have been a very productive team this week . It was much easier to revise for my mid-term. For instance I  would take notes and take a snap shot of the definition or a quotation with reference to the note and attach a video clip from the current or the previous lecture if need be.

In addition I have converted ‘my 2 hours of ideal time’ waiting for my seminars to ‘my 400 words weekly reflection essay time’. The most convenient part of having a mobile device is easy accessibility to information. The proportionate increase in productivity subsequently.

The Citrix app is a very useful interface. The speed could be better. However a thirty party domain enabling me to access my Virtual Learning from any location saves one not only the time travelling back and forth to access VLE but has a direct impact on efficiency.

My fellow members with ipads have been talking highly of Quick Office. I have Polaris so that we can compare the usage of similar apps during this this project. Polaris has been an user friendly interface till now. I download lecture presentations and hand outs prior to classes and make notes using Polaris. For our team, we have been contributing more in the class.

Availability of mobile information has also helped us to stay ahead. For instance, we can quickly Google search a new business buzzword or a vocabulary. This was possible on our cell phones but with a tablet you can do this without disrespecting the class decorum.

To conclude.

1. Keyboard is useless.

2. New apps and other interfaces helps us to be more efficient.

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