Testing the Moto Xoom 2

Based on my recent experience  using my tablet (Moto Xoom 2, Android, Uni belonging), I can report the following

  • During the lecture, I used the tablet to download and edit pdf handouts instead of paper-based ones using both Quick Office HD and ezPDF Reader. At the begining I felt it was still inconvenient but I got used to it and kept on editing notes by using the virtual keyboard as opposed to the  hand writing mode
  • It is a pity I did not work out how to take screen shots on this tablet
  • I found the tablet useful while writing parts of my reflection report for my Debates and Controversies module, in particular when I was in the library with limited computer facilities
  • I now rely on the tablet for everything I do, whenever I need to read or edit documents as well as during my spare time
  • Some suggestions to improve the device: tablet pen, more intelligent system, faster operation speed,  bigger screen and various colours to be selected.

To sum up, if this tablet has seminar usage with Android smartphone without more innovation and outstanding perfpormances, I would rather use my smartphone only. But it still helps me a lot with documents reading and editing!

Anyway, Have a nice weekend everyone!!

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